Be a Merryvale Messenger and refer a friend by sharing Merryvale wine and spreading the word!

We’ve noticed over the years that many of our new Wine Club members were introduced to Merryvale by friends who just happened to already be Club members. We think it’s high time that we started rewarding our biggest fans for spreading the word. Our new Merryvale Messenger referral program does just that.

When you refer a friend who joins our Wine Club you’ll receive a $50 Merryvale Gift Certificate to be applied to any order that is not a scheduled Club shipment. And your friend, the new Club Member, gets a $50 Gift Certificate as well! It’s a Win-Win-Win… What’s not to love.

Here are the details:

Offer applies to active members of any Merryvale Wine Club who have taken at least two shipments. The new member must input the current member’s name in the Club Notes section when signing up online. If joining in person, the new member must write the current member’s name on the signup form. A digital $50 Merryvale Gift Certificate will be emailed to both the current member and new member once the new member receives their first Club shipment and the current member receives their next shipment.