Winegrape Growing

The Vineyard and What Affects the Vine

There are three main factors that affect the flavor of the grape and ultimately, the wine that is made:

  • Terroir
  • Winegrape growing
  • Winemaking


Terroir is the one factor which cannot be readily altered. The following factors determine terroir:

  • Climate, as measured by temperature and rainfall
  • Sunlight energy
  • Topography (altitude, slope, etc.)
  • Soil's physical and chemical characteristics
  • Soil water relations
  • Cultural and winemaking traditions

Winegrape growing

There are specific practices that the grower controls that directly impact the flavor of the grapes and wine produced.

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  • Canopy Size
  • Crop Yields
  • Type of Grape Planted
  • Age of Vine
  • Irrigation
  • Layout of the Vineyard


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