Napa Wine Regions

Napa Valley Appellations

Located 60 miles north of San Francisco Bay and a few miles inland from the Pacific Ocean, the Napa Valley features an amazing diversity of soils, climates and terrain. Ideal for world-class wine grape growing and winemaking, no wonder they say 'To a Wine Grape, it's Eden'*.

Though the Napa Valley is just 30 miles long and five miles wide at its widest, there are 14 distinct appellations within the broader AVA. Contrary to typical climate patterns north of the equator, fog and wind from the Bay translate to cooler summers in the southern Napa Valley, with more intense heat in the north.

Did you know... Though Napa Valley is known the world over for great wine, it accounts for only 4% of California's total production. Learn more in Fun California Wine Facts.

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Tagline, map and information courtesy Napa Valley Vintners.