Merryvale's Winemaking Methods

The essence of the Napa Valley - a verdant parquet of diverse soils and microclimates that is home to some of the world's greatest vineyards. Merryvale winemakers Sean Foster, Jeff Crawford and Simon Faury seek to capture this essence with thoughtful attention to each of the thousand steps along the way to rich, complex, supple wines.

Carefully tended and selected fruit is allowed to ripen fully ensuring that flavor and tannins reach maturity at the same time as the sugar reaches its proper level. The fruit is hand picked and hand sorted before crushing to eliminate any fruit that fails to meet Merryvale's high standards.

Nurturing the inherent character of the region's superb wine grapes, Merryvale's white wines are whole cluster pressed to yield the clearest juice, then fermented in French oak barrels and, except for Sauvignon Blanc, the "lees" are stirred monthly.

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Our red wines are made using traditional methods which extract vibrant color and exclude aggressive tannins. Aging in fine French oak barrels and bottling the wines unfiltered contributes to the rich, round flavors and supple textures for which Merryvale wines are known.

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Selecting lots, blending, aging and, where appropriate, fining, our winemaking team brings the journey of a thousand steps home - to elegant wines that capture the very essence of the Napa Valley.

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