Fresh Oysters in Champagne

Servings: 2
From: Courtesy of Ernie’s Restaurant
San Francisco

4 leeks, whites only, cut julienne
12 Blue Point oysters
1 Shallot, minced
1/4 lb. Butter
2 cups dry Champagne or Sparkling Wine
Oyster juice, fresh
Salt & Cayenne pepper
4 cups whipping/heavy cream
1 tsp. Fresh lemon juice
Blanch the leeks in boiling salted water. Open the oysters and separate from shells, reserving the juice and the shells. Sauté the shallots in the butter until soft. Add the Champagne or Sparkling Wine. Reduce the mixture by 2/3 over medium heat. Add oyster juice. Season mixture with salt and cayenne pepper to taste. Poach the oysters in the reduction for two minutes. While the oysters are poaching, warm the shells in the oven. After two minutes, remove the oysters from the reduction and place in shell. Put back in warm oven (oven should be turned off if already warm, or at lowest setting). Reduce the remaining juice by half, add cream and reduce again to a thick consistency. Add lemon juice and stir. Divide the sauce evenly for the 12 oysters. Top with leeks.
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