Merryvale-Beckstoffer Vineyards

Single-Site Expressions
Ten Years in the Making

The relationship between Merryvale and Beckstoffer Vineyards began in 1992 when the winery first purchased grapes from the Beckstoffer family's world-class Napa Valley vineyards.

"We saw that the Beckstoffers were taking all the right steps with some of the best vineyards in the Napa Valley, and we had the same vision of the region and the wines it can produce," says Jack Schlatter, Merryvale proprietor. Since 1969, the Beckstoffers have pioneered sustainable Napa Valley winegrape growing, focusing on the unique characteristics of each of their pedigreed sites.

Over the years, the Schlatter and Beckstoffer families worked together to find a formula that would result in the best fruit possible -- through meticulous vineyard management and low yields -- without punishing the grower. Their solution takes the idea of collaboration between grower and winery to a new level, culminating with the launch of three 'single-site expressions' that bear the distinguished Merryvale - Beckstoffer Vineyards label.

Andy Beckstoffer with Jack Schlatter

Andy Beckstoffer's faith in Merryvale is founded in the values he shares with the Schlatter family and in the talent and craftsmanship he recognizes in winemakers Sean Foster and Larry Cherubino. Andy believes that Napa Valley will be recognized as consistently producing the finest Cabernet Sauvignon in the world within the first quarter of the 21st century, "and one or more of these wines will be from Merryvale," he says.

The Merryvale-Beckstoffer collaborations represent a history of excellence in complementary domains and a future rooted in a shared ideal.

"Our partnership is founded on the understanding that excellence in wines begins with outstanding vineyard sites," says Jack.

"It's one family to another," says Andy. "It's a personal relationship that results in a desire to do the best that we can do."